Newsletter – 02/4/2022

Dear Strand Fan,

We have made tremendous progress in the last two weeks.   Our stage repair turned into a major project.  That was to be expected in a 107 year old theater.

We realized in August 2020 that Covid would keep us closed.  Let’s use the time to complete a major repair.   The stage floor was the single most important item that would facilitate better usage of our theater.    We started what was a simple repair.   Our old theater had other ideas.  The job mushroomed into a MAJOR project.    That was OK, as we sadly had the time.   All this for a 12 x 30 area.

The steps so far were:

Demolition of the old stage.   

Repurpose the salvaged wood

Reroute electricity

Remove abandoned 1916 HVAC equipment under the stage

Dig out the dirt basement

Demolition of the basement walls and partitions.

Engineer the repair for rated 150#/sq ft.

Received design release from the State Fire Marshal

Pour concrete in basement for new floor

Install new stud walls in basement

Install floor joist

Install subfloor

Install steel structural elements

Build railings

Rebuild steps

Reinstall moved electricity

Install new electricity 

Reinstall HVAC ducts

Our project is really making headway.    We are ready for our framing and rough-in inspection next week.  After that we will completely insulate and drywall all the new walls.   We will install our new electrical items, paint and carpet, then install our dressing room mirrors and furniture.   

It has been fun.   Lots of people have stepped up to the plate to help.   First is Pat Turner from P.E.T. Construction.   Pat built our Cabaret Area many years ago.   His crew did all the framing.   Jim Marshall and Runnebohm Construction took our engineering drawings and fabricated the steel required for our project.  (Pat installed the new beam)   Through this whole project Tony Nicholson at Space and Sites has provided engineering solutions, design submission, and advice along the way.   Darrell Riggs is our electrician that has kept us safe and legal for the massive amount of cables that needed to be relocated. Brian Baker and Builders Lumber kept us supplied with material, even when we didn’t know how we could pay for it!  Thank you to these outstanding community partners.   

Things will be better than ever when we get back to what we are here to do…present outstanding entertainment for our community.    

We have a work session Saturday from 9am – noon.   Last week we had volunteers from age 14 to 86.    We would love it if you can join us.   As always if you would like to see what’s going on, stop by and take a look!

Thank you for all your support.   See you at the Strand!