Newsletter – 02/26/2021





Dear Strand Fan, 

We will be holding our weekly work session on Saturday February 27, 2021 from 9am – noon.   If you can help that would be great.   If you just want to take a look, that would be good too.   

We are still working on the physical theater.   It threw us a curveball last week.    Remember the higher temperatures and melting snow and ice?   Well guess what…yep, our roof started leaking.  Not only did it leak, but in the worst spot imaginable.   We plan on going onto the roof on Saturday and looking for the damage.   We just can’t catch a break. 

We are really looking forward to the time when we can reopen.   It is not going to be for several months, as we cannot safely do performances in this pandemic environment.    When we do start it will be like starting from scratch all over again.   We did it once by gosh we can do it again.   

The more we move forward during these unprecedented pandemic times, the more we feel like Molly Tobin; “We Ain’t Down Yet.”  (Bonus points if someone can reply to this email with the reference).

On Saturday we will be changing our marquee.   When it gets super cold, the letters freeze to the marquee.   We have been waiting for warmer weather to make a change.   Make sure you look for the new messages.

Thank you for your support.   We can’t wait until the time we can get back in the swing of performances.   Until then, on Saturdays…See you at the Strand!