Newsletter – 02/25/2022

Dear Strand Fan, 

MARDI GRAS NIGHT in SHELBYVILLE – Saturday February 26, 2022 8pm.   Come to the Strand and hear great music to put you into the Mardi Gras spirit.   Buck Rogers, Jr. and his La Louisianne Band will bring the festivities to the Strand.   Laissez Lez Bon Temps Rouler’

NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD: Friday Night Frights – Friday March 4, 2022 7:30pm.    We welcome back our popular film series that takes the Strand back decades to a time when we showed scary movies on weekend nights.  

HEYWOOD BANKS – Saturday March 12. 2022 8pm.    Heywood Banks will be back on the Strand’s stage for a night of fun friendly comedy.    It has been 3 years (can that be!) since a toaster was on our stage.   It will be a fun night for all. 


The Strand will hold a very rare Sunday work session this week. 


1pm – 3pm

We have a short break and need to do some critical work.   Top on the to-do list is erecting our scaffolding on stage.    (Warning, tech talk ahead)  We have 4 HVAC units above our stage.  They are high efficiency units.   As such they produce condensate water for both heating and cooling.  The drain line for the north two furnaces cracked during the pandemic.   It is an easy fix, just hard to get to.   Our scaffolding will take us up the back wall to where we can easily replace the line.   The material used in the original installation in 2015 is failing one by one.   We need to replace every condensate line in the theater.   That is 7 total.   After the work on stage we are 3 down, 4 to go.   It will be nice to use those units again!

We also have a small problem with our upstage (backwall) curtain.  Our stage is now 17-½” lower.   That means the curtain no longer goes to the floor.   To save cost (It is $1700 to have the curtain lowered and a border installed) we are going to build a short 30” wall across the back of the stage.  Paint it black and the problem is somewhat solved, or at least well enough for now.   We will build that wall on Sunday. 

Finally we will be painting our proscenium acanthus leaves.   When we changed the stage area from the Adamesque color scheme of the theater to black, we left those in their original color.   It doesn’t work, so we are going to mute the colors.    It won’t take time, but scaffolding is an absolute must.  


This week we hosted SHELBY FEUD presented by Advantage Shelby County students as part of their $100 Challenge.   We didn’t know what to expect.    It was a hoot!   8 teams competed in the Family Feud style game.   Our personal favorite was the Police vs Firefighters.   The love between those two groups is amazing!

The students did an outstanding job.   It gave us a chance to use our new lighting and new projection set-up.   All in all things were smooth.   Thank you to those who attended.   Over the course of the evening we had 265 in attendance.   A great way to get back into the swing!

If you have not seen Heywood Banks live, please come and support us as we get back into what we do.   He is very funny and we need YOU to attend!   


As most of you know, the Strand pays attention to the world around us.   As George Harrison said “I look at the world, and I see that it is turning.”   We too see it turn.    Our thoughts go out to Ukraine.   We have had exchange students from Ukraine volunteer.   One of our partners, the Maestro of the National Contemporary Orchestra, left Kiev on Wednesday.    He and his family are safe for now.  Their flight was one of the last to leave.   We hope to have concerts yet this year with his group and their affiliates.

It is nice to be back in action.   Please like us on Facebook, follow us on Instagram and Twitter.   As always thank you for the support!   See you at the Strand.