Newsletter – 02/24/2023

Dear Strand Fan, 

The weekend we are dark (being dark is the theater term for no performances).   Last week we had a great time.   Mardi Gras in Shelbyville and Costaki Economopoulos were both a hit! (see pictures below)   Everyone had fun.


One of our patrons on Saturday night asked how many seats we have in the Strand.  The answer is 369.  She said “wow, the Tesla Number.”   David Finkel didn’t know what she was talking about, Steve Frazee knew exactly what she meant.   We engaged ChatGPT to help us explain her observation:

“The “Tesla Number 369” is not a scientifically recognized concept or measurement. It is a popular belief among some individuals that there is a mysterious significance behind the numbers 3, 6, and 9, and that Nikola Tesla, the inventor and physicist, held this belief and used it in his work.

However, there is no evidence that Tesla assigned any special significance to these numbers, and it is not clear where this belief originated. Tesla was a brilliant inventor and scientist who made significant contributions to the field of electrical engineering, but his work was based on rigorous scientific principles and mathematical calculations, rather than mystical or numerological beliefs.

It’s important to note that while numerology and other forms of mysticism can be interesting and intriguing, they are not based on scientific evidence or principles. In science, measurements and calculations are based on objective observations and empirical evidence, rather than subjective beliefs or superstitions.” – ChatGPT

Either way, the Strand has a vibe and this is just one more thing that makes us go “hmm.”  


This week we had something very exciting happen.   (warning, tech talk ahead).

The Strand currently shows films digitally.  The delivery system preferred by the studios is Digital Cinema Projection (DCP).   We do not have DCP equipment, but rather use traditional digital delivery methods.  We have been warned by our film booker (we use a professional firm for this) that the studios will force us into the DCP world by requiring only DCP delivery to license a film.   This is a problem.

DCP systems have come down in price, but we are still looking at around $30,000 for a used system.   This includes things like the projector itself (proprietary), the server, ingester (how you get the digital film into the server to be sent to the projector) and sound processors.    The Strand only does about 30 films per year, so it just doesn’t make economic sense.   We do realize that if we do not do the upgrade, we are out of the film business.   Film is an important art form, and although a minor part of our yearly programming, no less important. 

Joe Gaudin, Strand Board Member and owner of the Skyline Drive-In has been leading the charge to wrestle with this problem.  His theater upgraded to DCP several years ago.  Joe has the knowledge and practical experience to lead the way.    This week he called and said that “he had some incredible news.”   

There is a theater in Kentucky that lost their lease.  They are offering their equipment for sale.   They have a projector that is perfect for the Strand.  It is manufactured by Christie, a leading DCP company.   Joe spec’d the model number and verified it would work with the techs at Christie.   This is a deal too good to be true.   The Strand can get all the equipment needed for the upgrade for $6000!   We are hard at work figuring out how we can afford that.  In our post Covid financial environment, especially with the compounding of the cancellation of Donnie Baker in December, things are tight.  

Thank you Joey for your leadership.  We will not pass on this offer.    It gets us everything we need, at truly a price that is affordable.   We are thrilled…now to quickly find the funds….

(editor’s note:  Cody is smiling no doubt!)


SOUNDS OF SUMMER  is a tribute show based in Southern Indiana that includes over 30 familiar hits and tells the story of America’s band – the Beach Boys.  These four incredibly talented guys have known each other since grade school and shared a love of 1960’s music and Beach Boys’ harmonies.

The band has been playing across the nation since 2015, delivering audiences an authentic look and sound, taking them back to memories of the 1960s. Sounds of Summer has received praise for staying true to the Beach Boys sound.   This show isn’t just fun…it’s fun, fun, fun!  Saturday  March 4, 2023.  

Tickets are available locally at Shelbyville Paint, online, and there will be plenty of tickets available at the door.  We hope to see you at this concert.

March will be a jam packed month with lots of fun events.  We will be highlighting them in the coming weeks.   Until then as always thank you for the support.  Without you, we could not do what we do.  See you at the Strand!

(editor’s note:  You might notice the marquee picture in the upper right is wrong.  This is something that Cody Veerkamp updated each week.   We know he did it in code (HTML) but have yet to figure out how.)