Newsletter 02/18/2022

Dear Strand Fan, 


This week was a flurry of activity getting the theater ready for our first event.   The biggest item was to paint the new stage floor.   The new material took 3 coats of paint!    Luckily Shelbyville Paint had plenty in stock.    We try to detail everything in the theater.  Next time you are in look at the back fire exit.   All the auditorium color schemes carry into that space.   

All our drywall is in the basement.   At our last session we insulated the walls.   What a difference!     When the drywall is done, we will insulate the ceiling.   This is not only for heat but more so for sound.   We do not want anyone in the dressing room being heard in the auditorium.    We also finished insulating the backstage restroom wall.   We can now take down the sign that said “Do Not Flush During Performance.”    That will be nice.

We tested our sound and lights.    After the extended break and work everywhere, we never know what problems will arise.  Fortunately our equipment behaved.   

Our first event was the Advantage Shelby County Fall 2022 Orientation.   This is a good event as it is an easy way to get back into action.   We had 132 in attendance.   Our new improvements were tested with a real event.   First was the stage camera.  This is viewable from the concession stand and dressing room.   This allows our staff to see what is happening on stage as it happens.   The second was our 70v audio system.  We can listen to the stage program in the lobby and elsewhere.   It worked great.   There are some tweaks to be made, but overall we could not be happier.  

(Warning tech talk ahead)   When we refer to a 70 volt audio system, that is a typical setup for paging and distribution over many speakers.   Normally a speaker uses a direct connection to the amplifier at a rated ohm.   Most speakers are 8 ohms.   Put two together and the amp then sees 4 ohms.    Eventually it will get to zero.   An ohm is a measure of resistance.    Zero ohms is a direct short.   That would destroy the amplifier.   The 70 volt system sends the signal in 70 volts through a single wire.    Each speaker has a small transformer that converts the signal for the speaker.    The amplifiers, configured for 70 volt output, do not have to worry about zero ohms.   Our system came from two places.  The amplifier racks were salvaged from the Hilton Hotel that was demolished on the site of the new Community North Hospital in Indianapolis.  They donated these amplifiers to the Strand.   The speakers were salvaged from the old Major Hospital before it was torn down.   We have been planning this project for years, it is nice to hear it in action.

This coming week we have 4 events.   


Tuesday January 22, 2022


Shelby Feud is produced by students from Ivy Tech.   This is a “Family Feud” format and is sure to be fun.   


Wednesday January 23, 2022

Thursday January 24, 2022


If your child is a graduating senior in Shelby County, they qualify for the Advantage Shelby County Scholarship.  This orientation is the first step in that process.


La Louisianne Band

Saturday February 26,2022


This is the fourth annual Mardi Gras Concert produced by Buck Rogers, Jr. and his La Louisianne Band.   Always a good time, and finally live music returns to the Strand!

It is nice to see events on our marquee.   However we do ask a question on the south end panel, and it is not John Galt. 

We look forward to getting the theater back doing what it is meant to do:

  • Quality of Life
  • Community Self Esteem
  • Economic Vitality
  • Artistic Freedom

As the pandemic appears to be winding down, we are gearing up!   Thank you for the support.   See you at the Strand.