Newsletter – 02/17/2023

Cody Lee Veerkamp


We have some sad news to share.  Our wonderful volunteer Cody Veerkamp passed away unexpectedly this week.  Cody was 33.   

Cody came to us the very first day we started on March 3, 2007.  That was our very first work session.  He was a skinny high school junior who came to help.  We quickly learned that Cody was smart and talented.  Even though he was a high school student, he took on tasks, worked unsupervised, and by the fall was leading groups of volunteers.   

Cody graduated Shelbyville High School in 2008.  While there he was a fixture backstage helping with all the events at Breck Auditorium.   

While still in high school we elected Cody on our board of directors.  As time progressed he not only grew in knowledge, but developed quiet and effective leadership.  

After high school Cody trained for his profession.  He was a Network Reliability Engineer.   What this means, we were never sure, he did space age stuff.   What we did know was Cody was brilliant.  He continually improved the Strand.  Our 1916 theater is always at the cutting edge of technology because of Cody.   

Cody was a fixture at the Strand.   Late nights, early mornings, and certainly at every performance.   Our group came to rely on Cody.  He made sure things were ready and done correctly.  Performers loved Cody because he made sure their performance was the best it could be.    

Cody was the heir apparent.   He was on our Executive Committee and was learning all aspects of management and operation of the Strand.  Cody was the guy to lead us into the future.  

We are in shock.   As one of our board members said, the show must go on.  It will, but with great sadness at the loss of a friend, colleague, and all around great guy.W

Cody and I went out to dinner after almost every event.  You could see us at Waffle House, generally after midnight.

I cherish those times and what are now memories.  Cody will be missed.  David M. Finkel – Founder/Director, Strand Theatre

May his memory be a blessing.    


This week we have MARDI GRAS IN SHELBYVILLE concert on Friday night.  The concert starts at 8pm.  Bourbons and Brews will provide the bar, complete with hurricanes!

COSTAKI ECONOMOPOULOS COMEDY takes the stage on Saturday night at 8pm.   Tickets are available on-line or at the door for both events.

Thank you for your support.  Thank you to all those who gave condolences online and in person.   The show will go on.    See you at the Strand.