Newsletter – 01/27/2023

Dear Strand Fan, 

The week we hold our final January work session.   This year we started with a few easy projects…silly us!   The floor in the women’s restroom had a soft spot.  What was to be a 12” x 12” repair turned into a complete floor replacement.   We had to also remove and improve all the plumbing connections.    Pat Turner from PET Construction was called into service when the scope quickly exceeded the ability of our volunteers.   

A few trips to Builders Lumber and Shelbyville Paint and the supplies were ready.   This week Pat installed the new floor and laid the new tile.   During the week Strand volunteers came in and painted the restroom and partitions.   We even found remnants of the hot pink color that used to adorn the bathroom!  

We are on track to reinstall the plumbing fixtures.   We updated the lighting fixture and repaired the damaged ceiling plaster.   So far things look like they will be good to go!

Work also continued in the dressing room under the stage.  Cody Veerkamp was busy this week.  Unbeknownst to the rest of the crew, Cody installed the missing mirrors AND makeup lights in the dressing room.   They look great and will make it easier for the performers to prepare for the entrance, either stage right or stage left.   

Last week the stage left stairs were carpeted.   This week we installed new treads on the stage right stairs.   This Saturday will install carpeting on those treads.   While we were at it we installed new stair risers too.  It gives the dressing room a more professional and finished look.    

When we reopened last year, the brand new dressing room was cold, at least in the winter.  In the summer it was hot!   We did not have enough airflow to adequately heat and cool the new space.   Bob Schlick installed duct fans, with the final fan completed this week.   Even with the cold temperatures the dressing room was toasty warm.   Problem solved.

(Warning, tech talk ahead)  Our new duct fans run 24 hours a day.   This is a new expense for the Strand.  While two little fans might not seem like much, each is 60 watts.   That is an additional 1050 kilowatt hours per year.   At an average cost of $.12 per KWh, that equates to an extra $126 per year.  We are always vigilant on our fixed costs, no matter how small it might be. 

Thank you for your patience in the delay of our newsletter last week.   Our vendor had a system upgrade when we went to send it out.   Our editor forgot to relaunch it when the program was restored.   (Editor’s note: Oops!)   We finally got it out, just a little late. 

We have lots of work to do to prepare for our first event of 2023.  On Thursday February 2 SHELBY FEUD 2.2 takes the stage!   This Advantage Shelby County event is going to be fun.   

Our schedule is slowly being published.   It takes about 15 hours of preparation per each show booked.  We have around 150 events scheduled, so our volunteers have spent 2250 hours just preparing our season, and nothing has taken place yet!    The work includes a myriad of tasks.  Thank you to all our volunteers who make this possible. 

If you are around on Saturday stop in, take a look, and say hello!  We will be there from 9am -1pm.  The marquee lights will be on.    As always we appreciate the support.   We couldn’t do it without you.   See you at the Strand!