Newsletter – 01/20/2023

Dear Strand Fan, 

(Editor’s note:  We have a delay sending this week’s Strand Newsletter.   Our wonderful vendor Vertical Response is doing system maintenance.  They had the same experience as we describe below, something didn’t go as planned!   As soon as the system is up, you will receive this.   Vertical Response has been a strong supporter of the Strand Theatre for over a decade.  They donate their service to us!)

Our work sessions continue.   We experienced the mushroom factor in full force this week.   You know the mushroom factor, when a simple project turns complex.   Our women’s bathroom in the lobby has done just that.

The project was simple, patch a soft spot in the floor.   That turned into having to remove all the fixtures in the bathroom.  From there we had to remove all the partitions.   Next the “small” spot wasn’t so small, so the entire floor needed to be removed.  Layer one, removed.  Layer two, removed.  Layer three!!!…removed.   How many times do you have three layers of subfloor?

The floor was removed and the toilet flanges were not in good shape.   We had to replace all three flanges.   Checking the water lines, you guessed it, rotted.   Three new water supply lines.   What else could go wrong?

The floor joists, which in this bathroom are non-structural, were not in the best shape.   In comes a load of lumber and they will be replaced.   This will also help make sure the floor is level.   Before we started the floor was well out of level, so that will be fixed.

Saturday’s work session will include removing debris from the bathroom.  We will also prime the walls where we removed the wallpaper border.   If we have time, we will apply a first coat of paint.  

Other work includes finishing the carpet on the dressing room stairs.  This is a project we did not complete last year.  It is almost done, and we’ll glue the pieces on Saturday.    Lastly we are installing a duct fan for the south furnace ducts going to the dressing room.  

We are getting ready to start our 2023 season.   We have several events in February.   We kick things off with SHELBY FEUD 2.2 on February 2.   This is produced by Advantage Shelby County students.   It is fun!    

Friday Night Frights film series returns on February 10.   The theme of this year’s series is UNIVERSAL MONSTER MOVIES.   We will start with the 1931 DRACULA.   Our marketing volunteers have included the Universal logo from the time of each film.   We are thrilled to present in chronological order 10 Universal Monster Movies. 

MARDI GRAS IN SHELBYVILLE returns on Friday February 17.   This is an evening filled with fun music and in the spirit of Mardi Gras.    It is followed on Saturday night by comedian COSTAKI ECONOMOPOLOUS.    

We are getting ready to get back to doing what the Strand is here to do, providing a destination for the arts in Shelby County.

Your support is wonderful, thank you.   See you at the Strand!

Below is the women’s bathroom floor.  We love our 1916 theater!