Newsletter – 01/14/2022


9am – NOON

Dear Strand Fan, 

Work continues.  Last week our holiday decorations were removed, packed, and stored for another year.   Work continues on the stage, and general maintenance items are addressed.  

This week the Strand accomplished a major goal.   For years we have been investing in our stage lighting system.   We do not solicit funds, so it took awhile to acquire all the components.    The process was a series of very well planned steps.  Our stage work allowed us to complete a crucial step, getting power to the new lighting positions.  

With this task completed late last year we could proceed.   This week that project came to a close.   Board member Cody V., our network and technical guru, finished programming all the new lights.   On Wednesday night we turned on the breakers and lo and behold…let there be light!   Everything worked.    A few minor adjustments still need to be accomplished, but the 16 new ellipsoidal instruments are ready to be focused.    The results will be worth the wait.   

This project is an enhancement to what we do.    The Strand just gets better and better.  Patience has allowed goals like this to be accomplished.  

We are also working on some other seriously cool upgrades (warning, tech talk ahead).   Installation of our 70 volt speaker system started this week.   These are ceiling speakers in the lobby, concessions, restrooms, and under the marquee.   We have the ability to send different audio programs by zone.   Under the marquee will listen to American Theatre Organ Society – Theatre Organ Radio.    This will always put us in the mood for live theater organ music, soon to be a reality at the Strand.

The lobby will have appropriate preshow music.   The concessions will have the audio feed from the stage.    The amplifiers for the project are located in the projection booth.   We have a 7’ rack full of amplifiers.  These were donated from the old Hilton Hotel that was torn down to make way for Community North Hospital.     This is exciting!

We are also working on our emergency lighting system.   We found that since all our house lights are LED, the load is very small.   Rather than rely on only our emergency exit lights, we are installing battery backups that will run the entire house lighting system.  This is a huge safety upgrade.   Sadly we have experienced power failures during performances, so we need to be ready. 

Rain Rain go away, come again another day.    Covid Covid you’re no fun, we have had it, let’s be done!    2022 is still hanging in the balance due to the surge in Covid cases.    As we finalize bookings, we will let you know.  

Thank you for your support.  We are looking forward to having the Strand be the best it can be!   See you at the Strand.