Newsletter – 01/14/2021


January 16, 2021

9am – 12pm

Please wear a mask

Dear Strand Fan,

We are back at the theater on Saturday for a work session.    Last week we accomplished quite a bit.   This week we hope to get our holiday decorations put away, and some stage and lighting work done.   If you can help we would love to have you there.   If you want to look around, stop by too!   We would love to show you the progress. 

We are hoping for the day when we can reopen, until then PLEASE wear a mask and be safe.  Our Strand family is affected by COVID and it is a horrible thing.

We are working on how we will reopen, even if we do not know when.   Normally our 2021 Season would have been booked in August of last year.    This will take some work, but we’re up to the challenge. 

Thank you for the support.    See you at the Strand.