Newsletter – 01/13/2023


9am – 1pm

Dear Strand Fan, 

Our work sessions are in full swing.  Come visit (or help!) on Saturday.   This past week we started the floor in the lobby women’s restroom.  The floor was installed in 1967 and has seen better days.

Bob Schlick removed all the plumbing and partitions so we would be ready to remove the floor.   On Saturday we found out why the floor felt “soft.”   There was an area that had water damage in the past.   During our tenure the floor has been dry, but this past damage has progressively gotten worse.   The floor is actually a floor on top of a floor.   The restroom was originally a store front.  The floor height was lower than the theater.  The floor is a floor over a floor, that is what rotted.    We are installing a new subfloor and tile.

A quick trip to Shelbyville Paint Flooring and More gave us an idea of the type of flooring to install.  Whatever the floor is, it must be commercial grade and able to handle the rigors of the Strand’s usage.   Maury suggested a Tarkett LVT glued product.   The gray tile looks great.   That will be a lot easier for our volunteers to install as opposed to ceramic tile.  It will be nice when done!    

The subfloor is a job left for professionals and PET Construction will be over next week to do the quick repair.  Pat Turner is always a great supporter of the Strand integrating his professional crew with our volunteer crew.

In conjunction with the restroom project, Cody Veerkamp is doing some technical upgrades.  We worked on our movie projectors.   Films are a small part of our seasons, but we still need to be perfect in presenting that programming.    In particular we have upgraded the control of the projectors, and recalibrated the image quality.  

This week Cody and David Finkel met with Chris Plunkett.  Chris is a professional lighting and sound designer.   He lives here in Shelbyville, how convenient.    Chris helped us with software selection for our lighting and sound systems.   It is important that the Strand remains easy technically for our performers from near and far.    Chris gave us lots of great information, thank you Chris!

Deep cleaning begins this week.  We always keep the Strand clean, but it is time to do heavy duty work like mopping the ENTIRE auditorium.   This is quite the job in and out of 369 seats.  We also have some minor seat repairs to identify and fix.

Please stop in and say hello.  We also work at various times throughout the week, so if you see us there, you are welcome to come in.    We need to do our work now because in 2023 we will go full force with performances from February until December. 

The Strand is a place for everyone.   We appreciate your support.   See you at the Strand!