A small, intimate, and inviting venue.

Our Mission

The Strand is available for your next show. We would love to have your group perform on our stage. Part of the mission of the Strand is to help promote local talent and enhance the opportunity for the performing arts.

Types of Events

The Strand has hosted many types of events and performances such as:

  • Live music (all genres)
  • Plays and musicals
  • Dance recitals
  • Movies
  • Lectures and forums
  • Poetry readings
  • Magic shows
  • Stand-up comedy
  • Live competition shows (singing competitions, cooking competitions, etc.)
  • Private events (parties, dinners, life events)

Seating Configuration

The Strand has 368 permanent seats, with a flexible Cabaret Area under the balcony.  Our seating configuration is:
166 Main Floor, 139 Lower Balcony, 63 Upper Balcony.


The Strand is 100% ran by volunteers. We have 0 paid staff.

Booking Timeline

We encourage you to book your show or event ASAP. The more time we have to book your show or event, we can better plan for your event. This includes: arranging volunteers to be at the event/sound check/rehearsals, arranging any advertising, arranging any outside vendors (ex. a cash bar), and arranging any equipment/materials.

A more detailed timeline can be provided if you choose to inquire about booking.

Licensing for music & movies

For live music, the Strand is a fully licensed BMI, ASCAP & SESAC facility.  Films may be booked through the Strand.  We will contact our distributor for availability. The Strand is considered a theatrical venue for motion pictures.

Want to book us? Questions? Please send an email to